Jackson County Cares For Homeless And Needy

The freezing temperatures can be deadly for the homeless.

Last week a homeless man in Pascagoula died from what authorities say looked like hypothermia. To keep that from happening again, volunteers at Our Daily Bread in Pascagoula spent the day distributing hot holiday meals and warm blankets to the needy in Jackson County.

Nate Pleasant has two passions: grilling and helping others. Pleasant was just one of more than a dozen volunteers who helped out with Friday's Christmas feast. Pleasant bought and grilled more than 70 pounds of chicken for the less fortunate.

"It hadn't been too cold," said Pleasant. "If I was getting paid I'd a probably been cold a long time ago."

While Pleasant cooked outside in the cold, hot meals were served inside. A homeless man, who asked to be called Paul says he comes here to eat because he has nowhere else to go.

"I'm eating here at Our Daily Bread and live out in the woods in a tent actually," said Paul. "Oh, it's cold. It's cold. The wind doesn't help a lot. It's blowing pretty hard even in the tent."

In addition to hot meals, volunteers handed out bags filled with blankets, gloves and hats to help people like Paul survive the cold.

"This is a lifesaver right here. Yeh, it helps a lot really," said Paul.

The staff at Our Daily Bread say they won't have to worry so much, knowing people like Paul are better equipped to brave the elements.