Gulfport students learn importance of political careers

Gulfport students learn importance of political careers

Pass Road Elementary School celebrated "Political Career Day" Thursday.

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes shared what he has done as Gulfport's city leader, and he also helped announce the winner of the school's first mayoral campaign--fifth grader Jada Hall.

Principal Jonathan Dill said days like this are important for young students to know the leaders not only in their school, but also in their communities.

"It allows them to see some real life, real world opportunities by having councilmen come in and they're able to ask questions, because you see these people on TV, or the community but you really don't understand how they came into that position," said Dill. "So to be able to research, go through the actual process at school, it's just a great opportunity for us."

Political Career Day is part of Gulfport's Career Awareness program that encourages students to stay in school and work toward their future careers.

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