More Shoppers Surfing For Holiday Bargains

Nanette Butts is once again hogging the computer at home. She's been surfing one site after another, buying all her gifts on-line for her husband, three children, and two grand kids.

Nanette Butts said "I just got some of the shipment in on Monday and Tuesday of this week, so it really helps because I'm finished with my shopping. I don't have to fight the crowds".

Kennedy White is enjoying a jump in on-line traffic on her web site at Martin Miazza gift shop in Gulfport. Her Internet sales went up 30% in November and maybe more this month.

Kennedy White said "I have had people order in Hawaii. I have had people order in Alaska, all throughout the country, and obviously other destinations too. It has been amazing how many people find us on the Internet. It's been wonderful".

Just two days before Christmas, and she's still filling orders for ornaments.

White said "There was an order on the Internet, so we got it out today. Now whether or not they receive it by Christmas morning, I don't know".

Bigger stores, like Sears, are also seeing an increase in business on the web.

Assistant Manager Roy Buxton said "They've picked up somewhat, especially the day after Thanksgiving. We had a tremendous amount of pick ups".

A pick-up in business means a merrier Christmas for retailers, and less hassle for shoppers.

Nanette Butts said "You don't have to fight the hustle and bustle crowds.  It's just a lot easier, and a lot less stressful".

It's probably too late now to order on-line and get the gifts by Christmas. Sears customers can still order on-line until 3 P.M. Friday, but they have to pick up the merchandise at the local store.