New Gulfport code ordinances could strengthen property rules

New Gulfport code ordinances could strengthen property rules
New Gulfport Code Ordinances (Image Source: WLOX News)
New Gulfport Code Ordinances (Image Source: WLOX News)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - New wording in Gulfport code ordinances could hold homeowners more accountable for the upkeep of their property. The city of Gulfport is trying to update its code ordinances to match other cities across the coast, but first a public meeting was held to get feedback from residents.

"We're trying to incorporate the comments that we hear every day coming into our offices into these new codes that we're adopting," said Councilman R. Lee Flowers.

According to Ward six Councilman Flowers, a lot of those comments are actually complaints dealing with the way some residents keep their property. For example, cars parked on the grass.

"Most people's largest investment is their homes, and they want to protect that. So these codes are nothing more than what a good neighbor would do. We're just codifying those good neighborly actions," said Flowers.

Greg Pietrangelo, Gulfport's director of urban development, said rules like vehicles not being able to park on their lawns have been in place in the city for many years. But it's a matter of changing the wording of ordinances that could help enforce these rules.

"A lot of people say, 'It's my property,' and it is their property, but they've chosen to live inside the city limits and the city is a community and we have to respect each other's rights," said Flowers.

City leaders also discussed several new building codes, such as requiring a locking device to be installed on the exterior piping of any mechanical system, but no major changes were made, which was good for builders.

"The city of Gulfport's been very easy to work with. They've always been very good to work with. I've worked with them for over 20 years," said Greg Smith, president of the homeowner's association.

The code ordinance changes will go before the city council to be adopted at the next council meeting.

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