Biloxi students hold election to vote for favorite pet: Cats or Dogs

Biloxi students hold election to vote for favorite pet: Cats or Dogs

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While grown-ups lined-up at the polls Tuesday, some Biloxi children also learned about the power of voting. Nativity Elementary School in Biloxi held its first election. It was a political battle that pitted popular pets against each other.

"Dogs can rescue people," one boy stated.

"Dogs only have one life. Cats have nine," his friend countered.

The heated campaign pitted canines against felines. After two weeks of political debates and persuasive speeches, it was time for the students to pick their favorite pet. Nativity Elementary's Cub Scout Pack 213 spear-headed the school-wide election.

"In the future, if they're voting, it's a big decision and they can remember this and remember how to vote," said fifth grader Landon Jenkins.

The boys chose their own leaders, created posters, and presented their opinions during an assembly.

Breton Guice dressed up as Honest Abe and led the crusade for cats.

"I was going to be in this costume and hand out Kit Kats, saying 'Vote for Cats!'" said Breton.

Meanwhile, Landon Jenkins didn't want to be the underdog in this race. So he used a different strategy.

"I said dogs can understand over 250 words and I went, can a cat? No," said Landon.

He also got a little help from his younger brother Carson.

"Who let the dogs out? Huh, huh, huh, huh," sang Carson.

"I voted for dogs, because I have a Pug and he's really cute, but sometime he stinks," said fifth grader Augie Tremmel.

Second grader Gianna Morales cast her ballot for cats.

"Because I got my cat on my birthday," she said.

The experience taught the young voters why their voice really matters. After a quick hand count, the principal announced the final tally.

"The results are cats, 34, dogs, 120!" she shouted.

The crowd in the cafeteria erupted in cheers. Cats may be purr-fect, but at Nativity, dogs rule. The teachers also got a chance to vote, and the goal is to hold a similar election every November.

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