Waveland voters will make 2 stops to cast ballots in all races

Waveland voters will make 2 stops to cast ballots in all races

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Election leaders in Waveland have launched a major effort to make sure voters in that city know they'll be required to cast ballots in two different locations if they want to be heard in local state and federal elections Tuesday.

City elections will be held in one location and voters will travel to their normal precincts to cast ballots in all other races. The goal is to prevent any election confusion. Alfred Harris was on the move Monday.

He's chairman of Waveland's democratic executive committee. Most voters in Waveland will cast ballots in two different locations Tuesday and the executive committee wants to make sure there is no confusion.

"Waveland holds all of its city elections in one location. It's been that way since day one. But because there are county elections going on at the same time you always have to vote in two places," said Alfred Harris Chairman of the Waveland Democratic Executive Committee.

To cast ballots in the city elections Waveland residents will go to the fire department on Coleman Avenue next door to city hall. But to vote for Bay-Waveland School Board, congressional, and judges candidates residents will need to report to their normal voting precincts. Residents who cast ballots at the West Shoreline Park precinct on Kiln-Waveland Cut-off Road will travel about three miles from Coleman Avenue to vote in the non-municipal races.

"Most people don't like to go to two places to vote. And that's what we're really urging people to do. And understand this is a one time thing every four years," said Clarence Harris, a democratic executive committee member.

The concern is one of the elections could suffer. That's why executive committee members have made a major effort to warn voters to be prepared. Signs will be posted at the polls urging residents to make the trip to that second location. Executive committee members say many have died to give us the right to vote and we should honor their memory by exercising that right.

"In the 50th year of the freedom summer people like Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner died for that right we want people to recognize that right," said Bruce Northridge, who is chairman of the Hancock County democratic executive committee.

Waveland residents with questions about where they should cast ballots for any of the races are asked to call city hall at 228-467-4134.

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