Coast expecting good to high voter turnout on Tuesday

Coast expecting good to high voter turnout on Tuesday


Election officials in Mississippi's second largest county expect to count a large number of ballots Tuesday night. There are roughly 100 thousand registered voters in Harrison County. Election officials talked about why they believe more voters than usual will be motivated to get to the polls.

Poll workers stopped by the Harrison County Election Commission office Monday to pick up everything they'll need to make sure voters will get their voices heard.

"I think this will probably be a good turnout because of all the things that have gone out with Thad Cochran and McDaniel," said Marilyn Richard, who is a poll worker from district one. "I think that will bring people in. Also a lot of people hunt around here so that hunting agenda may bring a lot of people in. The judges, I have met several people trying to sway people their way for the judgeship around here. So I think we should have a little bit better than normal turnout."

There are 58 precincts in Harrison County. Election commission officials say in estimating how many ballots they'd need in each precinct they ordered between 65 and 75 percent the total number of registered voters.

District One Commissioner Toni Jo Diaz said, "I think this is going to be a pretty big turnout. We're hoping for it anyway. People just need to get out and vote."

Election officials said they know that one vote can make a difference. So to make sure people realize they have double sided ballots, reminders will be placed in every booth.

"To make sure they turn it over because some of them will not read all the way down," said Diaz. "They're in a hurry. They'll vote one side and say, 'Oh, I didn't realize it was a two sided ballot.' So that's why we put it there to remind them."

Tuesday will be the first time that the county's poll workers will be carrying out the state's new voter ID requirement. In June, that fell on the political parties.

Diaz said, "We didn't do the primaries. That was the parties, but it went really smooth. Very smooth and we hope it's going to go just as smooth this time. We don't anticipate any problems."

In Jackson County, the circuit clerk said he believes there will be a good turnout based on the nearly 700 absentee ballots that were turned in. Hancock County officials said they're also hopeful for a good turnout because of fairly good absentee voting.

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