Will Mississippi win if the GOP takes the U.S. Senate?

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - With the power structure in Washington up for grabs in the mid-term elections, something else could change as well on the powerful senate appropriations committee. Local politicians are taking notice. One is Jackson County Supervisor Mike Mangum.

"If the GOP were to take over the Senate, and Senator Cochran gets re-elected, I think that that opportunity for him to become chairman is most certain and based on past history, that has to benefit Mississippi," Mangum said.

Not everyone agrees a GOP takeover would be good. That's according to supervisor Melton Harris.

"It will move Mississippi back because there is so much of an effort to cut spending and Mississippi has depended heavily on many of the federal dollars that come to the state of Mississippi, and we will be hurt," Harris explained.

While it may not be fair, there is a perception that republicans are more friendly towards small business. So with a GOP takeover of the Senate, as well as the House, that could be good for the bottom line.

Store owner Susan Powell is clearly in that camp, with her brand new business venture.

"The republicans support small business, and I'm definitely all for helping out business. We're just trying to make a living just like everybody else. We just started this. We just opened this business," Powell said.

With the GOP in charge, there could be more money for national defense, which is good news for Ingalls. The energy industry could receive a boost. That's the opinion of Supervisor Troy Ross.

"I think it would start the pathway forward for the keystone pipeline to actually become a reality. When we start seeing things like that, that's going to benefit industry that has built Jackson County, like Chevron," Ross said.

But most also admit, a republican controlled Congress could lead to even more gridlock on Capitol Hill.

The polls are open Tuesday from 7am until 7pm. Of course, WLOX News will provide complete election coverage throughout the evening. Included in that coverage is a live three hour webcast beginning at 7pm. That can be seen on WLOX.COM, and by streaming the coverage on your smartphone.

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