Biloxi firefighters contain woods fire, neighbors relieved

Biloxi firefighters contain woods fire, neighbors relieved

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It has been a scary few days for some Biloxi residents who have been watching the woods behind their houses burn. Biloxi firefighters have been fighting to contain the flames off of Highway 67 on Scruggs Lane since Saturday.

"Plenty of smoke just billowing up and there was no way to tell the distance back behind the property owner's line," Biloxi Resident Marilyn Byrd said.

Byrd describes the frightening moment she realized the woods behind her house were on fire.

"At one point the fire had divided into two and then it divided into three," Byrd said. "So you actually had three towers of smoke coming down, so that got a little scary."

Byrd said it was tough for her and her neighbors to rest knowing a fire was burning behind their homes, but she said the Biloxi Fire Department did everything they could to ease their worries.

"We like the way they kept coming back during the night and everything," Byrd said. "We felt like somebody was going to watch out for us if we did fall asleep too."

The fire sparked about a half a mile into 65 acres of woods, which created a bit of a challenge for firefighters.

"Our equipment doesn't allow us to be able to get back in there. Most of our work is structural firefighting work, and we rely on the Forestry Commission," Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney said.

Boney said the Mississippi Forestry Commission was able to bulldoze a perimeter around the fire Monday morning.

"It's burning itself out pretty quick now," Boney said. "We feel it's contained now and it's just going to take time for the smoke to go away."

Neighbors said the past few days have been nerve wrecking and they will be relieved when it's all over.

"The house was full of smoke this morning. That was scary, but I was just kind of laying out here, you couldn't see the barn, you couldn't see across the yard at all for a while, but shortly it lifted," Byrd said. "I talked to the firefighters at the end of the road; They had it all under control, so all is well."

Firefighters do not know what sparked the flames, but the fire chief asks everyone to refrain from burning outside until we get some rain.

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