International Paper Mill Shutting Down Again

Workers at International Paper's Moss Point Mill are out of work again. The mill will shut down tomorrow for another two weeks.

Employees have only been back on the job for about three weeks now. You'll recall in late January, the mill shut down for a month.

International Paper officials say the mill is closing because they've haven't taken as many orders. They will also be doing some inspection work. Officials say brief shutdowns are expected, but the timing of this one is especially bad.

"We're disappointed of course, and shutting back down again this soon," mill manager Ed Locke said. "We had expected we'd be running a little bit longer. Not too surprising that we might have some more market down time with the economy in the condition it's in, but we had hoped it would be a little later."

Locke says employees will be able to use vacation time, but since the mill is not able to give personal holidays like it did for the last shut down, some employees will probably file for unemployment.