Food Shelters Receive Holiday Donations

Thanks to the generosity of one Jackson County business, hundreds will be fed this holiday season. Tuesday, the owners of Tay's BBQ donated 150 hams to three area food shelters.

The Salvation Army, Our Daily Bread and The Lord Is My Help soup kitchens each received 50 hams.

Tay's BBQ owner Matthew Mayfield said they were just doing their part to help this holiday season.

"We'd like to give back in some way to the community," said Mayfield. "It's been good to us and we thought, at Christmas, providing hams would be special for family dinners."

The 50 hams will be used to feed Lela Mae Vaxter's large extended family this Christmas. To the more than 300 people fed each day at Our Daily Bread, the 16-year volunteer is known simply as "Mama."

"They all just like they my childrens and I get along with everybody down here," says Vaxter. "We have a lot of drifters, you know, people that ain't got no place to stay and this is the only meal they get when they come here."

That's why the staff members at Our Daily Bread say they work days in advance to prepare Christmas dinner for those down on their luck.

"Sometimes it's maybe the only meal they get during the holidays and we're just thankful we can provide it for them," said Manager Ernie Dugan.

Feeding the masses isn't the workers' only mission this holiday season. Mama Vaxter says she wants to make as many people as happy as possible this Christmas.