There is a spooky, theatrical treat at the Saenger Theater

There is a spooky, theatrical treat at the Saenger Theater

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you're looking for an out of the ordinary, spooky event this Halloween weekend, you might want to head to the Saenger theatre in Biloxi. Broadway South Repertory is bringing back the popular musical comedy "Silver Scream."

The show takes you back in time to the great black and white horror film classics, with characters like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf man all coming to life on stage. The music that brings these characters to life ranges from hauntingly beautiful to comedic fun.

The story begins with four people at a movie theatre who end up getting pulled into the movies they're watching. James Taylor plays Count Dracula.

"We have two teenage boys who are movie geeks. They are watching this movie marathon and get magically sucked into the picture, and it's about what happens to these classic stories when two modern day horror movie fans enter the story and start changing the plot," said Taylor.

In addition to playing Dracula, Taylor is the original co-writer of the music and story, along with Jimmy O'Burril. "Silver Scream" was performed for the first time at the Saenger in 1995.

"Back then, it was much simpler, just basically a series of songs representing the different horror movies. Every year, we've added and changed it a bit, and it's evolved into a full blown theatre piece," said Taylor.

Coast performer Cliff Thompson starred in some of the earlier versions and helped revise the script and music for this production.

"It has spectacular music, a live band, new orchestrations by Sandy Starcher," said Thompson. "People who've seen it before will love the familiarity and will also be shocked and amazed by all the new additions."

Thompson is also the director.

"It's a challenge. There are a lot of special effects, and it's a huge cast," said Thompson.

In fact, 17 of the 32 cast members have been in previous versions of the show, including Thompson.

"It's cool to get everybody back together again," added Thompson.

Back together again, just in time for Halloween. Taylor says spending time, "with these iconic characters is fun, a great way to spend your Halloween weekend."

"Silver Scream" runs this weekend only at the Saenger theatre in Biloxi. Producers rate it PG-13.

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