Toys For Tots: Mission Accomplished

Santa isn't the only one who's making special deliveries this Christmas. Thanks to some local marines and support from the community, many children who wouldn't have had gifts under the tree now will. The Toys for Tots campaign is wrapping up, and event organizers are saying this year's results are even better than what they were wishing for.

Some local marines launched a special mission Monday afternoon. The location--WLOX-TV.

"All right, check that out. Somebody's going to be very happy this Christmas." The plan--to load up this seven ton trucks with some very precious cargo.

"We've got a bunch of nice little things here, from the radio-controlled cars here to the dolls for the little ones, tennis racket. All sorts of nice little things here. Look at this, Candyland, even," said U.S. Marine Brian Crethers.

Hundreds of toys were collected at the TV station, then taken to the Seabee Base for distribution.

"It's down to the line right now," Crethers said. "We're so close to Christmas. We really need to get this stuff up and out into the community."

And there's a lot of stuff to distribute - more than 46,000 toys. That's double the amount of toys collected during last year's drive.

"We have had a lot of community support, as well as previous supporters from previous years. We also have some new supporters. It's been a very good turnout," Crethers said.

Many of the toys will be taken to the Salvation Army and given to kids whose angels weren't adopted through the Angel Tree Drive. The rest will be taken to schools, needy families and other charitable organizations. It's an order these Marines can't wait to carry out.