Mission Prepares for Freeze

With the temperatures dropping tonight, many of the homeless people in south Mississippi will search for shelter. One of the places they will go is the Seashore Mission in Biloxi. The mission expects more than 30 people to sleep on the pews tonight.

While the mission has been providing help for 14 years, The Reverend Al Wallace says it is the worst he has seen in his 13 years there. Over a year's time, the mission feeds thousands of people. On average, sixty people a day get some kind of help from the mission. The mission relies almost solely on donations.

The Reverend Wallace says the fact so many people have turned their lives around there is a testimony to the power of prayer. However, he says he also understands some people get tired of hearing various organizations pleading for help.

"We just keep saying it to them, please help us, and tell them how bad it is, and where we stand right now," The Reverend says. Because he believes so deeply that prayers are answered, Reverend Wallace is confident this mission will keep helping people for years to come.

The Reverend Wallace says, "We are going to go back up, I do, I do, I honesty think we will go back up, and we will come out of this. I don't think the master will let us fall by the wayside, I really don't."

If you would like to donate to the shelter, or if you are seeking help:

420 Howard Ave.

Biloxi, MS 39530


email: seashore@datasync.com