Condominium Fire A Stubborn Opponent For Firefighters

The fire in Building Seven at The Village at Henderson Point began on the 3rd floor sometime before noon Sunday. And though more than 50 firefighters responded, the blaze proved a stubborn opponent.

Harrison County Fire Marshall George Mixon says, "We received aerial support; ladder trucks from the city of Long Beach and the City of Gulfport. We had engine companies from Pass Christian, Quavas and West Harrison Fire Department also assist."

According to Mixon, a resident first discovered the fire and alerted others.

"The homeowner on the 3rd floor noticed the fire and investigated, and saw flames coming from a common area in the elevator shaft," Mixon says. There are 11 buildings and 70 units in the Village Complex.

Two families were home at the time of the fire. Property Manager Jennifer Lanasa says, "They both got out safely and the rest of the building, well, we'll see. It's still burning. I don't think anything is going to be saved."

Fire officials say the residents of adjacent buildings could have had it a lot worse. Mixon says, "With this wind blowing and everything like that, very easily the fire could have spread and we could have wound up with three, four, maybe five buildings burning. But quick action and quick reporting and a team effort by everybody, we confined it to one building, one loss and everybody else will have a good Christmas."

The handful of displaced residents have all found alternate accommodations. Fire investigators will continue to probe the structure in the coming days for a source and a cause.