Ocean Springs Residents "Get Out the Vote"

A group of Ocean Springs residents say they are not taking sides in a controversial city bond. However, they are saying they want to see the will of the people done. Citizens spent hours outside a local grocery store today trying to ensure their fellow residents get out and vote.

The group says it hopes to gather enough signatures to force a vote on the $1.6 million city bond. The City of Ocean Springs plans to use that money to build soccer fields, tennis courts and a multi-purpose building. The residents say they are not advocating a vote one way or the other, they just want to make sure everyone gets the chance to vote.

Ocean Springs resident Anne Cavanaugh-Burke says," The remarkable thing is we're getting a lot of signatures. We've even had people who say 'I'll sign the petition, I'm going to vote for the bond issue,' which is marvelous. We're not persuading people one way or the other. The only thing we want people to be able to do is know that in Ocean Springs you can come down in front of Broome's Grocery and say I want a voice in my government."

Citizens are taking their petition drive to other parts of the city as well. Before January 4th, 2005, the group needs 1,300 signatures to force the vote.