Ole Miss Is Ready For The Gaels Of Iona In NCAA Midwest Regional

Ole Miss may have been somewhat lethargic in their lost to Kentucky last weekend, but you can bet the Rebels will be wide awake... raring to go.. hoping to push Iona's panic button. One look at 5 foot 5 play making guard Jason Harrison and the Gaels won't be in awe of the Rebels spark plug. That is until he starts running the Rebels offense. The little guy can play dishing off inside or firing away from outside.

Ole Miss coach Rod Barnes says, "When we signed him I was probably being laughed at by every guy in the country. Here's a guy 5'3" or 5'4" on nobody's list. No one is recruiting him and people are said what was I doing? They wanted to know how I could sign him to one of the best conference's in the country. I think now everyone can see why. Its not all the time the tallest, the biggest or the smartest. When you've got heart and believe in what you do and make a commitment you can get great results."

Ole Miss is the favorite, but the Gaels believe they can pull an upset. Earl Johnson of the Iona Gaels says, "Ole Miss has a pretty good team and we we've got to play a pretty good game tomorrow night to win, but I think we can do it by playing aggressive and match the intensity and just be smart about our whole game and I think we've got a chance of pulling the game out."

After tonight's Midwest Regional clash, Ole Miss expects to take the podium at the post game press conference talking about their next game on Sunday, not talking about next year.