Bay St. Louis fire department offers life saving tips

Bay St. Louis fire department offers life saving tips


Two people were killed in house fires in the past week in Hancock County. The circumstances surrounding both fires remain under investigation. Bay St. Louis firemen want to prevent the loss of another life in the county that's why they are offering fire prevention tips.

When a fire truck rolls out of the station with lights and sirens on, it's often headed to some type of kitchen fire.

"Your kitchen fire is the most common fire," said Ronald Avery with the Bay St. Louis Fire Department.

Avery said you might be surprised to know the mistake made most often, is one we've all heard many times before.

"Usually with the grease fires they're wanting to throw water on them. That's a common mistake," said Avery.

He says a fire extinguisher or covering the pot with a top if you can is the only safe way to handle a grease fire. However, Avery recommends leaving all firefighting up to them.

"Your not there to fight it. Get out of the house ,get somewhere, give us a call," explained Avery.

When the season turns to Winter residents should focus on their heat sources.

Avery said, "Around this time you do have your heaters and fireplaces firing up. That's a big cause of fires too, where people are not having them cleaned or inspected."

Deputy Fire Chief Monty Strong, added to that tip,
"Trying to build a fire to big is one thing. Another is not having a screen in front of the fire place."

And don't forget this final common sense tip--changing batteries on smoke detectors. Firefighters say that tip is one that could mean the difference between life and death.

"We talk about doing that twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall when you change your clocks, change your smoke detector batteries," said Avery.

October is fire prevention month.

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