Moss Point third graders receive tool to redefine their futures

Moss Point third graders receive tool to redefine their futures

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - In today's internet dominated world, you don't see a lot of young people using the dictionary, but it's one of the most helpful tools for improving your vocabulary. The Pascagoula Kiwanis Club gave away free dictionaries to each and every third grader in Moss Point Monday.

While it was a first for some, others said they needed an up-to-date copy.

"It feels good because my old one is torn up and my mom can't buy me another one," a student said.

"We have lost touch with looking at a book and finding out what the meaning of words are," Kiwanis President Sarah Bruner said. "We just want to articulate to our students how important it is to do that."

Members of Moss Point's Key Club, who helped the the distribution, agree.

"Depending on computers is not necessarily the best thing. I think going back to the old ways of doing things is great because what happens if we don't have that help anymore and it goes away? Then what are we going to do? Use a dictionary," a Moss Point Key Club member said.

After all the dictionaries were distributed, club members also looked up a few vocabulary words with the students to familiarize them with the new book.

"Vocabulary is such an important part in being successful in any environment, and we want kids to know the beauty of that and help them find the words that will allow them to do that in the future," Bruner said.

The giveaway is part of the group's annual service project to promote literacy and improve test scores by getting more kids to read. They are pleased to be able to continue that mission today.

"A book is just as easily accessible and now these children can take it home."

The Kiwanis Club has distributed nearly 700 free dictionaries to students in Pascagoula and Moss Point in the past two weeks.

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