Sports complex coming soon to D'Iberville

Sports complex coming soon to D'Iberville

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - It doesn't look like much now, but by this time next year, the crack of a bat hitting a ball will be heard. Most of the groundwork is complete, and bids will be let out soon to build the fields.

After that, officials at city hall say the sky is the limit. Jeff Taylor is the city planner.

"Well, we certainly hope and it's our intention to get into the sports leagues and tournaments to some degree. We know there's a lot of communities that do that and we want to be able to have that happen in our town too. So it will bring some growth up there," Taylor said.

But that growth could lead to problems, like more cars on the two lane highway, leading to stop and go congestion. That has some nearby residents concerned. Residents like Marsel Magee.

"It is going to bring a lot of traffic up there and not too much for me, but for the kids that live in the neighborhood. I don't travel too much, but sometimes when I get ready to get out, I know the traffic is going to be heavy there and I'm a little concerned about that," Magee said.

Even so, that traffic could find itself stopping by the Highway 15 Grocery. Owner Moses Dong can hardly wait.

"It will be very nice when it opens. We think we're going to get some more business going on and we hope we're going to serve our customers better for the future," Dong said.

While city officials admit they're hoping to draw national tournaments to this new sportsplex and the associated dollars those tournaments bring with them, they also stress they not forgetting about the local taxpayers either.

Bobby Eleuterius is the D'Iberville city manager.

"We're actually building for a complex not only for young girls but also for adults. We'll also have soccer fields there, at least four of them which will bring all of our kids into that area because we've outgrown the two sites we have," Eleuterius explained.

So for locals and visitors alike, the new complex should prove to be a winner.

The $4 million price tag for the complex will be funded with a city bond issue. No tax increase is expected because bonds that were issued to help Lowe's and Walmart locate in the Lakeview Village shopping center 20 years ago are paid off in December. That money will then be used to pay for the sportsplex.

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