Pass Christian Schools Brace For Possible Overcrowding Problem

Delisle Elementary is experiencing some growing pains. Principal Tina Williams says the biggest problem is classroom space. The school is growing, and has approximately 100 more children than before.

Pass Christian High School is also going through some crowding problems. The District built a new high school two years ago. Now, it's near capacity.

Superintendent Dr. Philip Terrell says the district has grown approximately 29 percent over the last eight years. He says the district anticipated some growth, but not as much growth as the district has experienced at the high school.

School officials say there are several reasons for the crowded classrooms. The schools have added some new programs, which require additional classroom space. The school district also includes 52 square miles outside the city limits, in an area where more homes are going up.

High School Principal Cathy Broadway says Pass Christian is a good place to live and a great place to raise a family. She says more people are also discovering that the district has an excellent school system.

But if more people move in and more students enroll in Pass Christian schools, the schools may face a serious crowding crunch. Dr. Terrell says the schools are not overcrowded now, but he expects that if the growth rate continues, there will be an overcrowding problem. The school district has hired an architect to study the situation.

By: Trang Pham-Bui