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Indoor Pot Farm Discovered, Homeowner Jailed

A raid on a North Moss Point home led to the discovery of hundreds of marijuana plants growing inside. Jerry McDonald, 52, is the owner of the house. He was arrested on felony cultivation of marijuana charges and possession with the intent to distribute.

"This is a very large scale operation. Every room in this house has been converted to doing indoor hydroponic marijuana growth," said Bruce Lynd with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

The hydroponic plants are different from other kinds of marijuana.

"The hydroponic has got a much higher THC level in it, which makes it a much stronger marijuana, which makes it a lot more expensive," said Commander Louis Miller with the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force.

The kitchen, bathroom and all three bedrooms were being used as cultivation beds. Each room had hundreds of plants cared for by timed lighting and watering systems.

"The lights on the little motors go back and forth and give them heat so they can grow and there's reflectors on each side to help generate the heat," said Sheriff Mike Byrd.

The plants received water from an irrigation system consisting of a 55 gallon drum and a series of hoses.

"It's just a sophisticated system for cultivating marijuana inside a house," said Sheriff Byrd.

Several narcotics agents said the indoor set up was the biggest they had ever seen.

"This is probably, in my career, of 25 years the biggest one I've ever seen. And the way it's set up, he's producing a lot of product for the street," says Commander Miller.

by Josh Ridgdell

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