Sheriffs Determined To Fight For Radar

Posted speed limits don't stop many drivers from zipping up and down county roads, and there's nothing sheriff's deputies can do to slow them down.

"The number one complaint I get from the citizens of Harrison County above any other crime or problem is speeding on our rural roads," says Sheriff George Payne.

Payne says that's why sheriffs across the state don't give up their fight every year to get a law passed that would allow deputies to use radar to determine how fast people are driving.

"We've got a lot of neighborhoods out in the county where the kids are walking to school. It's changing demographics and we've gotta change also. So we're gonna ask the legislature to look at it again this year and give us this tool, this tool to simply save lives."

Mississippi sheriffs say for years the argument against radar is that it's just a way for counties to make money by setting up speed traps. But the Hancock County Sheriff says money has nothing to do with it.

Sheriff Steve Garber says, "We're not looking at it as a generating revenue source cause my budget's set by the Board of Supervisors. It don't matter if the sheriffs write one ticket for speeding or 50, it's not gonna change our budget."

Garber says lawmakers need to side with sheriffs and think about the safety of the people they represent.

"Putting politics on the side I'm looking at the safety of the citizens of this county."