Army Recruitment Drive Successful

A new marketing effort is helping the U.S. Army meet its recruiting goals. The updated campaign features an emphasis on adventure and education, and it seems to be working.

Since the campaign began early last year, the Army has met its recruitment goals for nine months in a row.

Former Harrison Central student Lloyd Williams joined the army nine months ago with education in mind.

"I joined the service for one, to become a better man, and get some education," Williams said. "I felt that there was really nothing I could do without an education. So I decided to let the military help me out with that. And I knew that I would get some good training and become a more upstanding citizen if I joined the military."

Many new recruits have money for college in mind when they sign up. Army recruiter Richard Villeneuve says the Army offers some attractive amounts.

"What we offer now, for qualified individuals, you can earn up to $50,000 towards college."

Today's army recruiting is high tech. A CD-Rom helps potential recruits visualize their potential career choice.

"Army aviation may be your ticket to a career field that's really taking off," says a deep voice from the computer screen.

Visual computer programs offer a real life glimpse of the different job fields available.

"When they filmed these, they actually did the filming while they were doing their jobs so this is the actual jobs they do," Army recruiter Jaime Gaitan said.

The phrase, "Army of One", has replaced the familiar "be all that you can be." The new slogan may emphasize individualism, but the "team" concept still applies.

"As the individual grows, they're able to contribute to the Army as a whole, making it a better organization," Army recruiter Perry Hill said.

The organization may change with the times, but it still emphasizes education as its primary drawing card.