Salvation Army Plays Santa To Needy Kids

The Biloxi Community Center looked like Santa's workshop. Toys, bikes, stockings and clothes filled the entire room.

As Debbie Knight watched the volunteers load up her basket with gifts four her four kids, Knight couldn't help but cry.

"I didn't even know these programs existed. The school set it all up for me, so I'm pretty shocked. I have no income and I can't find a job."

Joseph Necaise knows all about that. But his three daughters will find presents under the Christmas tree, thanks to the generosity of strangers.

"They wouldn't be getting nothing cause I'm not working right now."

Mela Ash says her salary doesn't stretch far enough to give her kids much for Christmas.

"I work, I work hard. I'm a single mom and I try my best. This is a lot of help and I appreciate it."

The Salvation Army says a last minute push of the angel trees was all it took to make sure no youngsters had to do without.

"As you know, last Thursday we had over 300 that hadn't been adopted yet and over 600 that hadn't been returned. Well, the gifts just started pouring in, literally, just pouring in like a flood and we just really had to do very little shopping to make up the difference," says Captain Geraldine Martin.

That makes a world of difference to parents who can now take Christmas home to their children.