Coast Students Welcome Healthier Options From Coca-Cola

When lunchtime rolls around at Biloxi High School, many students try to fill their trays with healthy foods. But after lunch, some students can't resist the temptation of the soda machine.

"Usually at school during my lunchtime, I'll try to get a Coke, or after school I usually stay for meetings, so I usually get a Coke then," Biloxi high student Jessica Gordan said.

Cafeteria manager Sandra Fallo says it's a daily struggle to get the students to eat a hot meal, instead of buying a cold drink.

"If I had my way, they wouldn't have a Coke machine in the school system," Fallo said. "I'm dead set against them because of the nutrition value."

Coca Cola is thinking about nutrition too. The company will offer water, juices and other healthy beverages in school vending machines. It will also cover up giant company logos on the machines.

"I think it's wonderful," Gordon said. "It would really be helpful to me, because usually I just get a Coke or something like that because that's all I see, but if there's a different type of drink there, they're more likely to get that because it's there."

"It's a pretty good idea," 11th grader Lee Seymour said. "I've heard people say I wish they had healthier drinks because they don't drink Coke and all that sugar. So every little bit, like apple juice or something would be good."

Coca Cola officials say they'll soon start testing more nutritious beverages, such as milk or juice smoothies. Perhaps by September, students who want to make a purchase at the vending machines will have more choices than just sodas.

  • CLICK HERE to read the official press release from Coca-Cola.