Special Agents Honored at Seabee Base

Five people were recognized in Gulfport Monday for their service in the war on terror. Special agents for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agents received the meritorious service award medal at the Seabee Base.

One recipient was Gulfport resident Raymond Beckwith.

The five men were honored for carrying out high-risk missions under difficult conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are civilians who work for the Navy and help protect people, families and assets of the Navy and Marine Corps worldwide. The agents are often called unsung heroes.

"Many Americans are aware of our troops over there engaging with the insurgents and other elements in Iraq," said NCIS Deputy Director of Operations, Thomas Betro, "but what they don't realize is who's keeping an eye on our troops to make sure that they're safe to be able to perform the missions that they have to perform."

There are about 170 NCIS special agents working around the world.