State Street pipeline construction on hold until new pipes arrive

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Residents of the State Street neighborhood in Biloxi won't see signs of construction to upgrade a Keesler Air Force Base gas pipeline for about a month. That is according to Biloxi Utilities Asset Manager Bob Manter.

The upgrade was scheduled to begin Oct. 23. Manter said the new gas pipes should be delivered by Oct. 30, and will be welded on site at Rodenberg Avenue.

Manter said there won't be any construction on the street outside of Keesler Gate 7 until the pipes are complete. Any actual street digging will likely be toward the end of the construction period, scheduled for Feb. 20.

The project will replace about 1,900 feet of corroded gas lines, starting in the grassy area northwest of the corner of Bleuer Drive and State Street, and will continue down the middle of State Street and end on the east side of Rodenberg Avenue.

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