HSSM executive director leaves organization

Tara High (Photo source: Humane Society of South Mississippi)
Tara High (Photo source: Humane Society of South Mississippi)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Tara High is saying goodbye after spending nearly a decade helping homeless pets by improving their care and adoption rates in South Mississippi.

The Executive Director of the Humane Society of South Mississippi is moving to Atlanta, where she accepted a position as Vice President of Operations with the Atlanta Humane Society. Her last day is Friday, Oct. 31.

"I would never have been offered this opportunity without the support of such a great team and the success of such an amazing organization," High said. "I am excited for the adventure ahead, and I am confident HSSM will continue to do great things."

HSSM will be undertaking a nationwide search for new leadership, and will continue on its path toward eliminating unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals in our community.

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