Study to find best ways to calm wave action in new BSL marina

Study to find best ways to calm wave action in new BSL marina

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Bay St. Louis city leaders are headed back to the drawing board to fix an unexpected problem at its new $21 million marina. It's a problem they say only occurs during certain weather conditions. They say a fix will result in smoother sailing in and out of the harbor and calmer waters for boaters docked there.

"When we get a strong Southeast wind, we get a little wave action coming in through the entrance to the harbor. The constant force just has no place to go and it's causing some rocking. It makes some folks a little uncomfortable," said Harbor Master Chuck Fortin.

On this day, the winds and water were calm. But that's not always the case.

"Sometimes if the wind is strong enough, it's a little excessive and it's just one of those little kinks that we're going to have to work out," said Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame.

"We found a company, an engineering and consulting firm, that does wave analyst for harbors and we're hoping to have them come in, do their study, and see what the fix will be for it," Fortin said.

That study will involved reproducing the weather phenomena that occurs inside of the marina.

"They will actually survey the harbor, make notes of water depths, how it's situated, build a model in a water tank where they can recreate different wind conditions from different directions, and with that model is how they will come up with a fix," explained the harbor master.

The fix will involve figuring out how to slow down the strong wave action. The harbor master said, fortunately, the storm-like conditions haven't yet been significant enough to cause damage to any of the boats docked there.

"If the boat is properly moored, the boats are not getting damaged," said Fortin.

The cost of the study and the fix is yet to be determined. But city leaders say it will be worth the price tag to make a good harbor even better.

Engineers are expected to start studying the problem sometime before the end of fall.

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