New retail development brings traffic issues to one section of Lorraine Road in Gulfport

Lorraine Road in Gulfport is experiencing a business boost, just north of Brickyard Bayou Bridge. A new retail development is not only bringing business to the area, but also creating a traffic jam.

To try and help ease the traffic issue the city of Gulfport submitted a proposal for an additional traffic light at the East Taylor Road intersection. The Mississippi Department of Transportation has denied the request.

Gulfport Councilman Myles Sharp said it's because the agency wanted to limit access to the busy, but short section of road. However, MDOT agreed that the light could be moved from the Brentwood subdivision south to East Taylor. Sharp said Brentwood residents still would have access to the traffic light through a back entrance.

The change would cost about $250 thousand. Sharp said that the money is not in the city budget, but the city has placed a request on MDOT's agenda to try to secure funding.

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