Youth Hockey Team Donates To Humane Society

Ask any five year old what they want for Christmas and you'll likely be in for a long conversation.

A group of young South Mississippi hockey stars are learning about the true meaning of the holidays by helping out a local Humane Society.

"They're called the Sea Pups, our smallest division says hockey mom and Sea Pups team manager Sharron Braun Battaglia.

"They are our mini might hockey team which is the youngest team for the Gulf Coast Youth Hockey," she added.

The group visited the Humane Society of South Mississippi Sunday in Gulfport.

"We just decided in lew of a gift exchange to do this," said Battaglia

"To give back to our 4 legged friends. To instill some comradeship amongst the team and learn the spirit of giving at a young age," she added.

"Yeah the animals deserve a present too," said adoption manager Sylvia Henderson.

That spirit of giving that very much appreciated by the Humane Society staff.

" It Means a lot to everyone here and the animals mostly, every bit of donations that we get is great," said Henderson.

While these little creatures may not know it's Christmas, as Sharron says there's always a need.

"Like I said if they start young maybe they continue on to do this," said Henderson.

It's hoped that these, will remember for years to come the good feeling of Christmas giving rather than receiving.