Fall Muster keeps memories and heritage alive

Fall Muster keeps memories and heritage alive

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was an attack on the senses as much as the enemy. Orders were given, orders were carried out and lives were lost.

On this day at the 28th annual Fall Muster at Beauvoir, the South won, but it wasn't about winning and losing for the almost 350 re-enactors, including nearly 70 troops.

It was about gaining a sense of heritage and historical understanding.

"These re-enactors live this," said re-enactor Helen Scafidi, of Picayune. "They believe in what they are doing. This is their patronage. This is their heritage. Their ancestors were Civil War soldiers."

At the same time, the Fall Muster is a good draw for tourism.

"Historical sites aren't set up to make a profit," said Terry Bailey, of Mobile. "If they can just break even, they've done a wonderful thing. For us to be able to come out here and do this and have the camaraderie and fellowship we have with each other, and at the same time help preserve Beauvoir, that makes it all worthwhile."

To help, re-enactors wear period costumes, sleep in period tents and eat from period cookware. There was even some music before the mayhem, but the purpose is never far from mind.

"This war was important on both sides," Scafidi said. "They want to make sure that their ancestors didn't die in vain. They want to preserve them. They want to keep their memory alive."

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