Fall Muster activities at Beauvoir make history come alive

Fall Muster activities at Beauvoir make history come alive

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The annual Fall Muster is happening at Beauvoir this weekend. Dozens of re-enactors will set up camp and square off on the battlefield Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Hundreds of school children got a preview on Friday.

"They put their name on it. Third Kentucky Cavalry, whatever," said the instructor, as he taught students about the various flags that have flown in this area.

They learned about what the colors mean and the history behind each banner.

"What's written on there? Cherokee Braves. Oh, these people are Native Americans, right," said the teacher. "Anybody here got two arms?"

One history teacher turned battlefield medic shared stories about treating wounded soldiers and battling ever present diseases.

"There are hundreds and hundreds of animals out here. Horses, mules and cows," he explained.

How about the proper technique for firing a Civil War canon?

"All you do is take it out, bring it over to the gun, load it in. It's got the powder bag, and that big old toothpick looking thing he showed you," said a re-enactor holding a canon ball.

"Y'all can see the history and put a little connection to it," said Scotty Meyers, who was clearly making a connection with his young audience.

This resident of Jasper, AL, is passionate about this period of history. Meyers and his son travel across the region, participating in re-enactments and enjoying these teaching moments with young students.

"Giving these children an opportunity to touch history, to feel history, to experience it, and to see that it's more than a piece of paper in a book. Get them to asking questions. Get them to thinking about it, and they'll go home and study and learn their true history," said Meyers.

"19 seconds to load, one to shoot. That's 20 seconds per shot," said one student, as he shouldered a gun.

"I just graduated high school several months ago, so I know exactly what these kids are learning, and it's not entirely all there. Being able to teach them something they don't get to learn in a book is always an extra bonus," said Whit Meyers, who enjoys spending the time with his dad.

It's all a warm up for the weekend. The 28th annual Fall Muster will attract crowds to Beauvoir Saturday and Sunday.

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