Health expert: Don't panic over Ebola

Health expert: Don't panic over Ebola

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Dr. Bob Travnicek spent decades working for the Mississippi State Department of Health. Although he is retired now, he just returned from Jackson where he met with other medical experts to discuss Ebola.

"Am I worried about it? No," Travnicek said. "If I sat next to this nurse who had a low grade fever on the Frontier Airlines, I wouldn't worry at all."

While Ebola is spreading rapidly in other countries, it is not spreading in the United States. Travnicek said even with three cases diagnosed in the U.S., it is not an easy virus to catch.

"People that they considered high risk. People who were in the emergency room, ambulance workers, people who were at his home, acquaintances, everybody who came in contact with him before he went to the hospital. None of those have gotten sick," Travnicek said.

The virus is spread through bodily fluids.

"It's only these two nurses who were sort of end of his life care that have been exposed and gotten sick, and as Dr. Frieden [CDC Director] said, it was because of a break down in protocol," Travnicek said. "Well, as this nurse was saying, it was worse than that."

Travnicek believes medical experts in our country have learned from the mistakes in Texas.

"There's really no exposure risk, as far as I'm concerned, over here now that the two of these people are now quarantined and being treated," Travnicek said. "These two nurses, those might well be the last cases. Maybe a couple more nurses over there yet to come down with this. I would be more worried about influenza. You have a 3,000 times greater chance of dying from influenza. Get your shot. Eat healthy. Get exercise."

To get Ebola, you would have to come in contact with bodily fluids of somebody who has the virus. The symptoms of Ebola are fever, heavy sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and unexplained bruising or bleeding.

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