Mississippi State fans proud their bulldogs get a second national recognition

Mississippi State fans proud their bulldogs get a second national recognition

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The spotlight continues to shine bright on Mississippi State, as the bulldogs have once again made the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. Just last week, the magazine cover featured Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

Bulldog fans couldn't be more proud. And because of that, businesses have s

een a dramatic increase in sales.

"Two weeks in a row to have your college on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I would think is unheard of. So that's a tremendous honor for Mississippi State and they've earned it," Barnes & Nobles Manager Molly Burns said.

According to Burns, as soon as Barnes & Noble corporate officials found out Mississippi State was going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated again, they decided to double their order of magazines.

"Last week was Mississippi State and Ole Miss, and we sold out in one day. So we doubled our shipment this week, because Mississippi State is on the cover because they're number one," Burns said.

Burns said they usually receive shipments on Fridays. But this week, bulldog fans will be able to purchase the newest Sports Illustrated issue with Heisman hopeful Dak Prescott on the cover, as early as Wednesday.

"It is really exciting to see both Mississippi teams get this kind of national recognition. It's been a long time coming and it's just so exciting for our state, for something positive to be coming out for both of the colleges here," Katharine Samson said.

Bulldog fans have caused Academy Sports and Outdoors managers to double up on their maroon and white paraphernalia.

"We've definitely increased our orders," Sr. Team Lead of Academy Sports and Outdoors D. Woodman said. "Foot traffic is really increased, as far as collegiate merchandise goes. Left and right, we can't keep stuff in. We're getting UPS orders daily, trying to stay in stock."

 "I'm a bulldog fan, a die hard bulldog fan. They've fought for it and they've competed. And I believe they're the number one team," Bert Gentry said.

If you missed last week's State/Ole Miss issue of Sports Illustrated, Gulfport's Barnes & Nobles location has restocked the magazine and they are available for sale.

Mississippi States will be playing the Kentucky Wildcats at the Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky on October 25th.
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