Pascagoula Celebrates A Holiday Tradition

You can always expect a good time when you have good music, hot chocolate, and Santa's wife greeting you with a smile along with a bag of reindeer food.

This was all part of the 26th annual Christmas celebration in Pascagoula.

Hundreds of people gathered in Beach Park to witness a fantasy lane come to life-complete with little elves who appeared to float on air as well as storybook characters.

"The children would love to come and be involved in this.And I think it's kind of neat that a small community like this can do something like this," said Tracey Kesteison.

"It's a time when we can get out with our children and our families and enjoy each other, and tonight is cool. It was so hot all week and we were thinking you know, but the cool weather has got everybody in the Christmas spirit," said city of Pascagoula special events coordinator Ann Burgo.

Many of the children in attendance were definitely in a holiday mood, and their main focus was getting to the big jolly man in red.

"This is my first time being here and I'm so happy being here. I want to talk to Santa," said Kardisa Budro.

"Can I have a remote control car?" said Maliek Budro.

Their opportunity to ask the man himself soon became a reality.

And as Santa listened to the requests of all the boys and girls, little did he know magic was happening right under his nose - all kids and kids at heart experiencing the joys of the season together.

The Salvation Army provided free hot chocolate and coffee to everyone in attendance.

And ACE Party Rentals in Pascagoula helped to make the 'fantasy lane' come true.