Family Lives With Pain Of Fatal DUI Accident

The cheerful Santas and reindeer can't hide the absence of a cherished family member in Diane and Lucky Harris's house; 10 month old Bryce. This Christmas will make ten years that she died,  killed instantly when her drunk grandfather slammed into her family's car on a country road in George County.  Diane says, "Every single day I walk through my house, every day. I look at my beautiful son everyday. I wonder what she looks like every day."

Family pictures remind Diane, Lucky and their son Trevin of happy times, like one of Bryce taken less than an hour before the accident. "This is probably 45 minutes before she was killed and she was opening presents. My sister did that for me."  Diane still has some of Bryce's presents. Because her child died so young, Diane says it's hard for her to hold baby girls. She says, I guess that's because that's what she was when she left me, when I laid her in her casket. He laid her in her casket. I held her, I handed her to him. I dressed her. I fixed her hair. I put her diaper on her, I put her little tights on her. Noboby will know until they go through it. But nobody should have to go through it."

Diane says her grief almost got the best of her. "I came very close to committing suicide. But suicide's not the answer. I couldn't sit here and I couldn't do this with you and I couldn't help somebody and I couldn't enjoy what I have now."

Diane wants others to enjoy their lives and their families. "Don't drink and drive," she says.  It's a simple enough message, but one the Harris's hope others will take to heart,  as they keep their baby girl close to their hearts.

Ray Harris, Senior was convicted of manslaughter in Bryce's death. He was sentenced to ten years and later died in prison.