Coach Freeze won't say if Nkemdiche will be punished for bong pic

Coach Freeze won't say if Nkemdiche will be punished for bong pic

OXFORD, MS (WLOX) - At Monday's press conference, Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze said the university is well aware of a picture circulating on the internet showing Rebels sophomore defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche with a bong.

"I'm very aware of the picture," stated Freeze. "I'm also aware of when it was taken and where it was taken. We test our entire team on our drug testing policing at the beginning of the season. Then we have our other follow-up tests throughout the course of the year. I'm super confident that we handle each one the same. We enforce our policy very consistently. There's not one time that I do not always bring in our athletic director and talk about and make sure we're being very consistent in that. Our kids make social decisions all the time, just like my kids do, and I've made mistakes. We are going to help them navigate life, but we're going to hold them accountable for actions that are not what we want representing our university, or program or themselves. I'm very confident that we deal with all of them in the same manner. We will continue to do that."

Clay Travis of Fox Sports Sunday posted the image of Nkemdiche following the Rebels 35-20 win over Texas A&M. According to Travis, a Tennessee fan had the photo since August and waited to make it public the week of the Tennessee-Ole Miss football game, which is set for Saturday night at 6:00 in Oxford.

Hugh Freeze declined to say if Nkemdiche would be punished.

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