Cruisers pack up camp sites along Highway 90

Elvin Bobinger packs up his camper after a 2 week stay on the Coast
Elvin Bobinger packs up his camper after a 2 week stay on the Coast
Janet Gordon poses with her '95 Ford F-150
Janet Gordon poses with her '95 Ford F-150

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - After a week of cruising, thousands of classic car owners and enthusiasts are packing up and heading back home. Many of these visitors decided to camp out for the whole week or longer right in the middle of the action.

For Elvin Bobinger, another Cruisin' in the books means another week of memories. "The spot, you know, it's just beautiful oak trees and just beautiful scenery here," said Bobinger.

He brings his camper to many events across the country, but there's one place that really gets his engine going. "The Mississippi Gulf Coast," said Bobinger.

He and his family had been camped out for weeks, like many in the lot at the corner of Debuys Road and Highway 90. But, Diane Deshamp only got a small taste of the camping for her first Cruisin'. "We just came down Friday afternoon," said Deshamp.

Being by the water and seeing the classic cars has her hooked. "I'll be back again," said Deshamp. Most everyone shared that sentiment, especially Janet Gordon. "Oh, we loved it, we absolutely loved it, we had a great time," said Gordon.

She's come to the popular classic car event every year, but this was her first time to camp. But, before she and her family left, Gordon wanted to make sure that the area was clear of trash.

"Everybody around here's been pretty good about that. I went out this morning and picked up all over, you know? Got everything picked up, I think there's probably 10 bags over there now," said Gordon.

Her family camped for two weeks as a trial run before entering their own classic car next year. She says their hopes are set on this spot again. "We appreciate being able to use this property and we want to keep it clean," said Gordon.

She hopes that the event will continue to get bigger and better every year. "We just all love it and it's a good thing for the coast," said Gordon.

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