Cruisers make their way home after week long events

Cruisers make their way home after week long events

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was another successful year of Cruisin' the Coast, and Sunday was the first day traffic wasn't bumper to bumper down Highway 90. After a week full of classic car events, cruisers finally began their their journey back home.

Mike Messina and his wife, Vicki, headed back to Louisiana after spending three days cruising from one end of the coast to the other.

"Everybody you see out here is just like me, they love cars. And it's a way of life, you know. And it's good, clean fun," Mike said.

There wasn't much traffic when the Messinas arrived on Wednesday, but as it got closer to the weekend, they definitely could see the increase in the number of people and cars that filled the streets.

"Wednesday was kind of a laid back day, Thursday got a little bit more hectic, Friday more hectic, and Saturday just chaos," Mike said.

Like other wives that tagged along with their husbands for this event, Vicki said over the years she's developed her own love for old-school cars.

"It's okay. Sometimes I get tired of it, but I like them, too. I really do," Vicki said.

She said next year, she may even let her husband get another classic ride to add to his collection.

"He's always looking to buy another one. He's got three already, but wants to buy another one. I won't let him until he finds the right one, but he's got to sell some other ones," Vicki said.

Spending the week cruising in your classic car or even looking for a new one, has become a tradition to many families from all over. And the Messinas, especially, say they're happy to take part.

"It's a part of history. It's keeping the history alive, you know, and hopefully it goes on forever," Mike said.

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