Cruisers say they're OK with this year's heavy traffic

Cruisers say they're OK with this year's heavy traffic

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Classic car registration for Cruisin' the Coast 2014 ended at noon Saturday. With 7,293 registered cars here on the Coast, this is the busiest time of year for all three coastal counties in South Mississippi.

For nearly a week now, Highway 90 has been bumper-to-bumper, lined with old-school cars and people. The heavy traffic was expected, so it didn't bother too many.

"No problems. Wait all year for it. If I didn't, I wouldn't be in it," said one driver.

"We love it. That's why we come down here," said another driver.

This is the 10th year James Champagne and his family have come to this big event from Louisiana. They say over the years, they've noticed the attention to the Coast has increased.

"Just a lot more people, more and more and more. It gets thicker and thicker," Troy Warmington said.

The Champagne family arrived on Tuesday and have been staying in Ocean Springs. They knew they had to be up bright and early to claim and set up their spot along the beach in Biloxi to have a front row seat to car gaze.

"Well, you got to get up at 4:30, 5 in the morning to get a spot here, or you aren't going to get here," Champagne said.

He brought his '78 El Camino that he spent 13 years fixing up. He says after all the sweat, money and love he put into his car, he couldn't wait for this event to show it off.

"If you ain't ridin' then you ain't got it. You gotta have it on the street," says Champagne.

Not only does Champagne and his family get to spend a week showing off their hot rides, they enjoy this time to be together and share their passion for cars.

"We just have a good time here, and we love it," Champagne said.

This year's Cruisin' numbers set a new record for registered cars. Last year's event brought in 7,042 classic cars.

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