Vancleave woman makes Cruisin' the Coast a family affair

Vancleave woman makes Cruisin' the Coast a family affair
Ed Gerschutz shows off his Buick Skylark.
Ed Gerschutz shows off his Buick Skylark.

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Cruisin' the Coast 2014 has broken attendance records, helped in part by a high percentage of new participants. Five of them came from one family.

Cruise Central for Theresa Johnson is at her Vancleave home, where four brothers and one sister came all the way from Ohio to join her passion for Cruisin' the Coast.

It was their first time to come to the event and the first time her brother, Larry Gershutz, has shown off his 1967 Camaro after nearly 40 years of storage.

"She's been trying for three years to get me down here, says, 'you got to cruise the Coast.' Then, when my other brothers and sister starting getting involved, we decided we had to do it," said Gershutz.

Johnson's sister, Judy Rosengarten, owns a 1962 Impala, which was bought by her late husband about three years ago. Her son, Kevin, finished the refurbishing. Kevin told me how important the car is to his mother.

"Big. It needed to be done," Kevin said. "It's for Dad and for mom."

Johnson and her husband have a 1966 GTO. Brother Clete has a '66 Chevelle. Norm has a '72 Chevy, and Ed has a '71 Buick Skylark.

Add in her son's 1963 Dodge, and you have a seven-car Cruisin' family.

For Johnson, who has lived on the Coast for 30 years, gathering up the family for a Cruisin' event was a dream.

"It's wonderful," Johnson said. "I'm having the best time, the best Cruisin' ever. They're enjoying it. That's what I love to see. They're having a blast."

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