Baton Rouge man is Cruisin' the Coast record breaker

Baton Rouge man is Cruisin' the Coast record breaker


On Thursday Cruisin' the Coast officials confirmed they have shattered the record for attendance this year and the biggest draws are still to come.

Last year's record was 7,042 registered cars. We met up with cruiser number 7,043, who officially signed up Thursday and the numbers only went up from there.

The record breaker drives a dark green 1938 two-door Chevrolet deluxe sedan.

"One of our staff members stood on a chair and got everyone's attention and announced that he was the new record breaker," said Lisa Burnett who is the Cruisin' registration director.

"Well a lady said she was going to embarrass me and I didn't understand what she was talking about. This is my first year to register. So I didn't know what to expect and then two or three others came around and they advised me that I was the one to put them over the top this year from last year's record," said Thad Smith.

The proud owner of the 1938 Chevrolet, Thad Smith had just purchased his car last year and wanted to come to the coast back then, but was unable to.

The Baton Rouge resident knew at some point he and his car would end up at the automobile event.

For him being the record breaker was a surprise.

"A luck there. I mean I'm number 7,043. You know from one person," said Smith.

So far participants represent 40 states and Canada. Angele Fleming and her husband come from Mobile, Alabama and have been attending for years. They're already pre-registered for next year.

"We've been married 16 years and as far as I know we've been coming every year they've had it," said Fleming.

Though not everyone registers, once someone does it gives them access to five Cruisin' venues where they collect stamps to be entered into a drawing and show off their cars. Saturday marks the last day for 2014 registration and some are already speculating what the final number will be.

"We've had people saying that it's going to be anywhere from 7,500 to 8,000," said Burnett.

You may register for 2014 now through Saturday at noon at Cruise Central in Gulfport.

Registration is $90. Those who register will be entered into Sunday's drawing for $500.

Thirty-five names will be drawn. And keep in mind 2015 pre-registration has already begun.

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