School bus drop-off problems reported in Gulfport

Patricia and Angela Pollock watch for the school bus
Patricia and Angela Pollock watch for the school bus

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Imagine sending your child to school and not knowing whether or not they will make it home. That's what a parent and a grandmother are claiming is a real fear in Gulfport.

They say a Head Start program is not doing its best to make sure children arrive at their correct destinations after school. For Angela Pollock, it was two weeks after the first day of school. She was waiting on her front porch for the bus driver to drop off her 4-year-old son.

"She said she didn't see me, so she kept going. Well, I waited, thought maybe she would turn around and come back. Well, she didn't," said Pollock.

She waited, expecting to see the bus come around the corner again.

"Why didn't she turn around? Why did she pass me up? Why?" questioned Pollock.

She eventually had to drive to her son's school, Linda Lyons Head Start, to look for answers. She found her son there, but says she wasn't satisfied with the response school officials gave her.

"I'm sorry. We don't know how this happened. That's it," said Pollock.

That's a similar answer to the one Patricia received from the school.

"Sorry ain't never fixed nothing in my book," said Patricia.

She said she has had issues with the buses on three separate occasions since school started. The first time, her granddaughter ended up on the wrong bus. Patricia said she immediately talked to school officials, but then it happened again.

"I'm panicking, you know. I don't know where she is. Then when I get to the school, they don't know where she is, and then I have to wait until the bus done ran his route before they bring my child back to the school," said Patricia.

The third time, Patricia says her granddaughter was dropped off at another school, and she's having a hard time getting any explanations.

"Ain't nobody willing to take the blame," said Patricia.

Since talking with Pollock and Patricia on Wednesday afternoon, WLOX News reached out to Head Start officials and the school's attorney. So far, they haven't responded. We will keep calling, and when we get a comment about these allegations, we'll share them on

In the meantime, Patricia's granddaughter will no longer ride the bus. Her grandmother says that's the only way she can be sure she's in the right place at the right time.

"I want my child safe. That's why she come here. They're supposed to keep her safe," Patricia said.

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