Cruisers take advantage of new Biloxi restaurants

Cruisers take advantage of new Biloxi restaurants

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Many coast restaurants have been preparing for Cruisin' for weeks now making sure they have enough food and staff. xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

But what about those new restaurants, that are experiencing Cruisin' for the first time. As we found, two such restaurants in Biloxi say they were ready for the rush of cruisers.

Cruisers aren't just spending money on classic cars and car accessories they're spending it on food.

"Right now, I'm done here with some friends enjoying the scenery looking at the cars and had a good meal at the restaurant here,” said Curt Davis who was enjoying watching classic cars along Highway 90.  

"We always go out to eat. This is the best place to find some of the best seafood there is," said Cynthia Barr of Texas.

Barr, who has been attending Cruisin' the Coast for six years now, says new restaurants always catch her attention especially if they offer seafood.

"The night we came over here we saw them still working on this one and then the next night they were open cause we visited two next door. So we had to come and test this one out," Barr said.

Owner of the Reef restaurant Rob Stinson says it was a high priority to open the new beachfront seafood business before Cruisin'.

"There's no doubt that it was a goal to make sure we open before Cruisin'. I think it's the biggest boost that any of our restaurants see all year long," said Stinson.

Just east of the Reef Restaurant is The Crabhouse. It's another restaurant experiencing Cruisin' for the first time.

"We've been preparing for them for months actually. Just staffing up. Making sure that we have everything. Making sure that we are on point," said Amber Santa Cruz a server at The Crabhouse.

Cruisers agree that food and service preparation is obvious.

"They help me out so much. I mean if I want something, if I need a refill on my drink or anywhere I go. Like the food here was really good," said Mandy Brinson of Georgia about her experience at The Crabhouse.   

Stinson says the impact from cruisers is more than just filling up his restaurant for a week.

"You're going to see everybody coming in here and once we showcase it to them, we showcase it to the world. There are people that come from everywhere for Cruisin'," said Stinson.

The Reef restaurant opened the Saturday before Cruisin' began and The Crabhouse opened in March.

Both restaurants WLOX spoke with Wednesday say the two biggest things customers are asking for is fresh seafood and outside seating.

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