Hundreds say car gazing is just as important as cruising

Hundreds say car gazing is just as important as cruising

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Riding down Highway 90 in an old school, classic car is a big part of Cruisin' the Coast, but taking time to kick back along the roadway and watch the cars go by is just as important.

People lined the streets to watch as cars from the early 20th century pass by. Mel Parks came all the way from Indiana to be one of the hundreds to lounge near the street and car gaze.

"I like cars and being around people that enjoy the same thing that I like. That's nice. I really like it," Parks said.

Lisa Sterling is a Cruisin' regular from Lafayette, LA. She said she could barely sit there and watch, because she wanted to be the one behind the wheel.

"Well you see, I'm sitting here and I'm watching all the cars, but I actually want to get in mine and cruise along with them," Sterling said.

All of the cars are definitely shiny, fancy and unique. Keith Broussard says it takes a lot of passion to spend weeks, and sometimes even years, to fix up your car for events like this.

"It's a labor of love working on these things," Broussard said. "You never get your money back out of them that you put into them, but it's the time and effort and appreciation of, 'hey i did this.' That's the whole thing about it."

Jerry Jagneaux is known in Lafayette for his custom interior designs. He also says you can spend plenty of money to make your car look good, but it's the originality of your car that gets you the most recognition.

"Oh lord. Thumbs up, blow the horn," Jagneaux said. "Everybody blows the horn at you. I love Biloxi."

"I love it. It's just awesome to drive and see the people waving at you and things like that. It's just fun," Sterling said.

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