Cruisin' the Coast creates a traffic nightmare on Highway 90

Cruisin' the Coast creates a traffic nightmare on Highway 90

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - With nearly 8,000 classic cars on the Coast this week, traffic jams have become an issue. Cruisin' the Coast can make Highway 90 look like a parking lot at times.

Police prepare and plan for how to deal with the presence of cruisers and the impact on local motorists. An important component is police presence, especially as things pick up as we approach the weekend.

"We've got the command post at Edgewater Mall. We also have a sub-command post west of the comfort station across from the Coliseum to monitor traffic with cameras. Everything we do for every big event we're doing here. We have a lot of people coming in this weekend. A lot of officers are going to be out on the road," said Biloxi Police Maj. Jim Adamo.

Certain areas seem to feature snarled traffic more than other parts of the Coast.

Over at Centennial Plaza in Gulfport, which serves as Cruise Central, there is constantly a steady stream of cars. That means backups and warrants special attention by drivers. The digital warning signs have been put up, and the barricades are in place.

"Give yourself lots of extra time to go wherever you need to go. Plan for it, because there will be an excessive amount of traffic on Highway 90," Adamo said.

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