Coast Schools Show Off To Out-Of-Town Guests

Sharon Vosburgh seemed fascinated with an outdoor pavilion at Oak Park Elementary. She noticed some vegetables and said "We got some bell peppers growing out here".

Vosburgh's school in Georgia doesn't have anything like it.

Jones County Principal Karen Hill seemed impressed with what the Ocean Springs youngsters are learning. On Thursday, Hill and dozens of educators all over the country got an inside look at school life in South Mississippi.

Hill said "Anytime that you have an opportunity to go into another school and just see what neat things they're doing, you're going to take that opportunity".

Vosburgh said "They got lots of things going on, lots of neat ideas. The rooms were just packed with things they were doing for Christmas. I stole several ideas to take back home".

The visitors agree, in order to be good teachers, sometimes they have go back to class to learn new strategies to inspire students.

Vosburgh said "It gives you a little bit of insight on how you can change how you do things in the classrooms".

Hill said "We need those things now more than ever, to work together to build our schools".

The teachers and principals also visited Pecan Park Elementary, Ocean Springs High, and five schools in the Biloxi School District. They said they jotted down plenty of ideas to try in their classrooms back home.

By: Trang Pham-Bui