Animal Control Officer Laid To Rest

Family, friends, and co-workers came together in Biloxi Monday to celebrate the life and to say goodbye to the Animal Control Officer who wore badge "3-23." Nathan Mitchell was killed last Tuesday when he was hit by a westbound train near Camellia Street. Mitchell died while trying to catch a run-away pit bull.

The mourners at Nathan Mitchell's funeral remembered him in many ways: loyal city employee, a man with a big heart and a big smile, someone who was always willing to lend a helping hand and someone who truly cared about animals.

Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy Ray Polk and Mitchell grew up together in North Gulfport, "I can recall Nate told me once before that these dogs are not bad dogs, they just don't have no family, they don't have no home or nobody's taking' care of them. But Nathan, now where you are going, all the canines you're gonna keep an eye over will have a home."

Before he became an animal control officer in 1995, Mitchell worked for eight years at the Humane Society of South Mississippi. The shelter's director called him a kind gentlemen who took his job very seriously.

Reverend Caleb Shelby says Mitchell will rest in peace, because he discovered his purpose in life... and lived it, "He believed in it and he enjoyed it. Today let me challenge each of you to do likewise. Your purpose in life will speak for you when you're resting in your grave."

Biloxi's mayor said it will be very hard to find Mitchell's replacement and that he personally will miss the man who always went a step beyond to do his job. "Ya know there's an old wives tale that when it rains on a funeral, that's the angels crying, well the angels are cryin' in heaven today. Rest in peace, Nathan Mitchell."